MAGNES is a company created based on over 40 years of family experience in welding and central heating industries. Precision, reliability and solidity of workmanship of our products are only some of our principles. MAGNES is a manufacturer of highly efficient fireplaces with a water jacket and boilers used in central heating systems of homes and industrial facilities. In the manufacturing process, we use only the highest quality materials (sheets, profiles, welding rods / gas, etc.), coming from our reliable suppliers, which can be confirmed with 3.1 and 3.2 approvals. Our welders are highly qualified, their skills have been recognized by certification bodies, such as UDT (Office of Technical Inspection), or TUV (German: Technical Inspection Association). We also closely cooperate with an International Welding Engineer (IWE), who provides us with professional technical supervision and support. A few years ago we expanded our offer's range with the production of metal furniture and accessories that perfectly add grace and charm to interiors both in modern and historical decor (wrought iron furniture). For a long time we have also been famous for the production of steel fences. The company's seat is located in the centre of Poland, however its scope of activities covers the whole country and the neighbouring European states. Please contact us for a free quote.